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commissions: if you would like to commission me, the best way is through message here on tumblr, or tweet me. i don't bite hard
~ Giovedì, Febbraio 13 ~
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warming up for commissions

warming up for commissions

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~ Sabato, Febbraio 8 ~
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"Making fun of my fweckwes is iwogicaw."
I really wanted to draw lil Spock with freckles.
"Making fun of my fweckwes is iwogicaw."

I really wanted to draw lil Spock with freckles.

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~ Mercoledì, Febbraio 5 ~
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spock-in-the-tardis ha detto:: I just found you and I am already in love with you- I mean your art. Ehm. Good job and coloring and expressions and slödgnskldng. Yea. That's all, have a nice day and keep up the good work~

that is really sweet thank u :*

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~ Sabato, Febbraio 1 ~
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Okay I have received a lot of asks about donating instead of flatout commissions, and let me just say you guys are so freaking nice I can’t believe it. If you would like to donate to me, my paypal is mguth1@student.gsu.edu. Any and all money is appreciated, even $1.

Thank you guys so much for the attention you’ve been giving that commissions post. I am really just in awe right now with how considerate everyone is.

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~ Venerdì, Gennaio 31 ~
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Hey everyone, commissions are open and now with lower prices.

I am in desperate need of money and I really hate to post my sob stories, but I’m really grasping for anything I can get at the moment. In 2012 my mother died suddenly and out of nowhere, which gave me a ton of mental issues and problems added onto the ones I already had. I started to go to therapy, but my sessions at my university ran out, and I began to see my therapist at her private practice. My father said he would pay for one visit a month, but now he is trying to skirt his promise. I just got the bill last week for my combined visits, and it’s over $700. My father is incredibly financially and emotionally abusive, and I’m too scared to even show him the bill. I’m trying desperately to look for a job, ontop of working out my girlfriend and I moving to NY sometime in the near future after I finish school. 

So that’s why these prices are so low. I just want to make as many sales as possible to try and pay off my bill and not have my dad threatening me and whatnot. 

- SKETCH: $4, add character +$2 each
- LINEART: $10, add character +$3 each
- FLAT COLOR: $12, add character +$3 each
- CHIBI THINGS: $15, add character +$5 each
- DIGITAL PAINT: $25, add character +$7 each

Contacting to arrange a commission via ask on tumblr is fine with me. You can also e-mail me at mguth1[at]student.gsu.edu if you like.

I accept PayPal.

If you can’t afford or don’t want to buy, I would really appreciate signal boosts. Thank you, guys.

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~ Domenica, Gennaio 26 ~
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"I wanna go there!"

"I wanna go there!"

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~ Sabato, Gennaio 25 ~
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sloppy punk space lesbians nsfw under the cut

Leggi Tutto

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~ Martedì, Gennaio 21 ~
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more punk space lesbians

more punk space lesbians

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Super quick doodles of genderbent punk Spock and Kirk because those are all of my favorite things

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~ Sabato, Gennaio 11 ~
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"I believe the phrase is ‘It is not going to suck itself.’"

Nu-Trek Mirror Spock coming along to rough up the Captain, uh oh.

| Kirk |

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